Texas' Appliance Rebate Program, Part Two: Bring On The Snail Mail

Remember the wonderful Texas Appliance Rebate? The one where computers crashed, consumers wasted hours online or on the phone trying to get answers?

The magic is back!!

This time, though, things will be very, very different. That's because the state Comptroller's office is foregoing all this fancy-schmancy Space Age technology like the internet and telephones and is depending on snail mail to do the job.

Party like it's 1979.

The rebate program opens up again Monday, with Texas consumers getting a crack at some of that sweet, sweet federal stimulus money that Rick Perry rants about.

But this time, you're going to need a stamp.

Oh, you can go to the program's website to learn that the rebate applies to purchasers of things like air conditioners, refrigerators and dishwashers. You can even download the form you need to mail in, although that sounds dangerously technological to us.

But to get the cash, you have to mail it and trust in your local post office. Rebates will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis until the $18.5 million runs out.

Which seems to give an advantage to an Austin consumer instead of, say, Olton up in the far reaches of the Panhandle, but at least the Comptroller's office can now put the blame on the Post Office instead of it computer-services contractor.

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Richard Connelly
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