Texas Attorney General: Online Dating Service Targeted Seniors, Veterans

The Texas Attorney General's Office is seeking to shut down a sham online dating service targeting seniors and veterans, accusing the owners of cold-calling prospective subscribers and forcing them to pay steep "termination fees, " even if they didn't sign up.

The AG's Office's temporary restraining order names Javier Luna, Matchmaker, Sagejax, Inc., and Monterey Financial Services as defendants.

According to the AG's Office, "potential customers who expressed an interest in the dating service were encouraged to visit the defendants' office for an in-person consultation...the defendants charged between $3,000 and $10,000 for their services. Individuals who elected not to join the service and pay the fee were told to pay a 'termination fee' -- or face a debt collection action by defendant Monterrey Financial."

The AG's Office "is seeking to secure frozen assets to satisfy a future court judgment on behalf of senior citizens and others who were harmed by the defendants."

The companies "falsely claimed to have the Better Business Bureau's endorsement," according to the AG's Office.

Allegedly going after seniors and veterans? What a bunch of alleged dicks! If there really is wrongdoing here, we hope the customers get their money back.

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