Texas Bowl Says Goodbye Big East, Hello Big 12

I just wanted to give a brief update from the world of college football. Specifically, the world of college football as centered in Houston.

The folks at the Texas Bowl announced yesterday that a team from Conference USA will be taking on the Big 12 opponent in the next two Texas Bowl games, instead of a Big East team. While I like this move as a Cougar fan, I’m not sure this might be the best move for the bowl, as I’ve never really heard of any C-USA teams – even my Coogs – traveling well to bowl games. But I guess that just leaves more room for the Big 12 team fans.

It was also announced that the next game will be played on December 30, 2008, and that the bowl officials are hoping to move the game to New Year’s Day in 2010 if the Cotton Bowl is selected to move into the Bowl Championship Series.

That’s good of them to try, but really, the Texas Bowl on New Year’s Day? Get real. There are actually some bowl games with a legitimate history that should probably get that shot. Plus, I kind of think a bowl game that moves to New Year’s Day should actually be a game that’s been seen by most of the country – really, is the NFL Network even on Time-Warner or Comcast yet?

I’ve been to the game a couple of times. And they put on a good show, so I wish them luck. But before getting that shot at New Year’s Day, they should probably aim for getting better matchups and a better TV deal. – John Royal

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.