Texas Catfight Videos: Ferocious Filmed McAllen Brawl Bests Beaumont Battles

Well, Beaumont, your reign as Capital of Texas Catfights was short.

Not ten days after the wide publicizing of the long-running BMT Brawlz series of DVDs and the debut of the now nationally-infamous Chuck E. Cheese Throwdown, a new champion has emerged. After you see it, we think you'll agree with our view: Pound-for-pound, the Lone Star State's Catfight Titletown is at the other end of the Texas coast -- in the Rio Grande Valley city of McAllen.

Decide for yourself after the jump...

We really dig that song on there, but good lord, that is some serious malice on display there.

In our post on the Beaumont Brawlz, we noted that the girls fought with far more savagery than the boys, and a commenter named Gasper Ramsey agreed:

It is well known amongst educators that all that is required to break up a fight between boys is to step between them, but with the girls, wait until you have backup.The frenzy they develop is entirely directed at their opponent, who has usually "dissed" them, or worse, their boyfriend, and if you restrain one of them, the other will take this as an opportunity to close in for the kill, scratching, clawing, and cursing like Kilarney cats. And the animosity does not end with a fight--sometimes the only way to cool the fireworks is to send them to seperate schools.

While we think he means Kilkenny and not Killarney, his point stands.

And that puts us in mind of a song we think fits the weather today...

We're betting it ends up as the soundtrack to one of these videos someday...What better music to accompany a catfight than an instrumental about cats fighting?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.