Texas Could Soon Be Home to a Giant, Crowd-Funded Vagina

With any luck -- and about $600 in Kickstarter donations -- Austin, Texas will soon be home to one giant vagina statue.

Aptly entitled "Texas Women by Chloe," the project is currently in the fundraising phase on Kickstarter, and appears -- at least on the surface -- to be awesome. The crowd-funded tribute to the vulva is set to be about six feet tall, and will be built by Chloe, an artist and activist out of Austin.

"I am creating a huge vagina (vulva) statue about the size of a person (6ft tall) in support of Texas Women. It will be to scale," Chloe says on her fundraising page.

While the piece is mainly about building a giant, six-foot-tall vagina -- which would be enough for us on its own -- part of the plan involves the fight for women's rights.

"It started with a vagina (vulva specifically), I want to make a massive vagina statue. Essentially, you are funding an art project that will ultimately end in a giant vulva and hopefully make some women's lives better," Chloe writes on her Kickstarter page.

The massive vagina sculpture is being built, in part, as a response to House Bill 2, the Texas law that would dramatically limit access to abortion across the state.

A battle over the bill is currently under way, but should HB2 make its way into Texas law for good, it will require abortion providers to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of any abortion clinic. This provision has already closed some clinics in Texas, since nearby hospitals do not have any incentive to allow an abortion provider to admit patients. Earlier this month the U.S. Supreme Court blocked Texas from implementing another key provision of the law that would require clinics to meet the standards of surgical centers; that component of the law threatens to shutter most clinics across the state.

Any excess funds raised for the vulva statue will go into a fund that will be used to help Texas women seeking an abortion.

Fundraising efforts for the statue have already surpassed their original goal, and there are still 37 more days to go, which means that not only will a humongous vagina sculpture be forthcoming, but more help for Texas women is, too.

Chloe spoke with Refinery29 about the project, saying that while she's really excited about making a difference in the lives of women in Texas, the project also has a message for the politicians behind HB2.

"I am ready to say 'fuck you' to the rich white men in Texas who are limiting my rights to my own body -- and I am ready to make something hilarious."

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