Texas Deer Hunters: Your License Plate Is No Longer Oh So Gay (UPDATED)

Texas deer hunters, as you head to your comfortable blinds to await as unsuspecting deer saunter across your line of fire in search of strategically dropped food pellets, you no longer need fear being thought of as not macho.

According to the state of Texas, that is. With all the appropriate fanfare relevant to the subject, the state's Parks & Wildlife Department has announced that the deer-hunting specialty license plates have been testosteroned-up.

"New Art Work Takes Deer License Plate From Pink To Macho," reads the headline on the release.

"The white-tailed deer license plate used to have art that was, well, pink," the release says. "The new art portrays a true "venado macho" depicted in original hand-drawn art by TPWD artist Clemente Guzman."

Glad that's settled. Somehow TPWD managed not to throw in a "Not that there's anything wrong with that" reference, and we're sure it took much restraint on their part.

(We've tried asking the relevant spokesman, but he hasn't returned our message. Probably out doing the manly business of choosing new color schemes.)

The high-priced deer plates brought in $440,000 in seven years, TPWD says, with the money going "to benefit big game management and hunting programs. That includes helping fund efforts like TPWD's Pronghorn Antelope Aerial Survey, Mule Deer Aerial Survey, Pronghorn Antelope Genetics Study, Comparison of Deer Survey Techniques for Small Acreages, White-tailed Deer Surveys and Texas Wildlife Information Management Services (TWIMS)."

And now it can do it in a very He-Man way, thank the Lord.

Update: TPWD's Tom Harvey has gotten back to us: "As to how we ended up with a 'pink' plate the first time, good question. I don't know for sure but suspect that it was probably just a zealous graphic artist trying to design an attractive plate...suffice to say our Wildlife Division folks got to looking at the 'pink' plate and finally requested that we update it with a more appropriate image...which has now been done, as you know."

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