Texas Donkeys Being Abandoned Because Of Drought

You gotta figure Texas donkeys have a hard enough life anyway. It's freaking hot all the time, you're probably sterile and everyone's confusing you for a mule.

But when a king-size drought comes along, things can get a lot worse.

Donkey rescue groups are warning that Texans are abandoning their donkeys because the drought has caused a hay shortage, and it turns out -- news to us -- there's pretty much no way you can sell a donkey at auction.

"Donkeys, especially in Texas, are overpopulated and hold no financial value," says the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue group. "The vast majority of livestock auctions will not allow them to be unloaded and even offered for sale. With no feed and no options, donkeys are being abandoned in record numbers across the state."

Donkeys that the group rescues in Texas are usually malnourished and suffering from overgrown hooves.

"As a state, Texas accounts for 90 percent of PVDR's national rescue resources but contributes less than five percent of PVDR's donation income," the group says.

Sounds like a great deal for us, but the group is looking for up its Texas donations. Their webpage is a good place to start.

Life as a rescued donkey doesn't sound all that great either:

All donkeys rescued by PVDR are quarantined, vaccinated, de-wormed and microchipped. During the cooler months, all jacks are castrated with the assistance of Texas A&M Veterinary School Students and Faculty.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.