Texas Education Agency's Rankings Come Out

The Texas Education Agency has released its latest set of accountability rankings, and you know what that means -- the results can be spun any way you want, depending on your agenda.

The Houston school district professed satisfaction:

The state accountability ratings, released today, show that the number of HISD schools with the state's highest rating of Exemplary increased from 84 last year to 101 this year. The number of HISD schools with the state's two highest ratings of Exemplary and Recognized increased from 205 last year to 206 this year.

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The number of HISD schools ranked "Recognizable" dropped from 121 to 105, so we guess they went undercover or something.

The results include, of course, the controversial Texas Projection Measure, the latest ranking app in the never-ending game of playing with numbers to show schools are getting better

HISD has released results with and without the TPM. "With and without TPM, HISD's numbers still went up," spokesman Norm Uhl said.

Here are links to all the Houston info, if you want to immerse yourself. Enjoy.

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