Texas Is Not Obese!! Go Ahead, Eat That Cheese Enchilada!!

We are celebrating tonight in Texas. Everyone around us -- except New Mexico, and who counts New Mexico? -- is fatter than a heifer convention, while we here in the Lone Star State are svelte, health-conscious model types.

In fact, you're looking a little thin out there. Go ahead, get the triple bacon on that Whataburger double-cheeseburger. It's not like you're living in Louisiana or something.

The South leads the list of states where at least 30 percent of the population is officially obese, according to a report today from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


We're in the styling aisle, in the 20-29.9 percent category. We're pretty sure our percentage of obese population is probably 20.000000000001, but we're not going to ask.

Colorado was the only state below 20 percent (the District of Columbia was, too), but we're sure that's a misprint.

The CDCP did break things down a bit by region and ethnicity:

The highest rates were found among non-Hispanic blacks overall, whose rate was 36.8%, and non-Hispanic black women, whose rate was 41.9%. The rate for Hispanics was 30.7%, and the rate among all non-high school graduates was 32.9%. In addition, the obesity rate was higher in some regions of the country than others. Midwesterners had a rate of 28.2% and residents of the South were at 28.4%.

Like we said, it's time to celebrate. Milkshakes and fried cheese for everybody!!

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