Texas Is Still The Destination Of Choice, Moving Company Finds

For 42 years, Allied Van Lines has issued a report saying where people are moving to and where they're leaving. Once again, Texas tops the list of destination states.

Dominates the list, is more like it. The state had a net gain of almost 2,000, the company reports, far greater than second-place Arizona's 566.

Moving via Allied in 2009: 3,419 pseudo-Texans. Moving in: 5,364 people who've seen the light.

"We moved a wide variety of people here this year -- from singles to families to retirees and all from various backgrounds, which makes a lot of sense. Texas is just so diverse and welcoming to different cultural and ethnic groups," said Ben Hurwitz, president of Westheimer Transfer & Storage, in a company release. "We also did a lot of corporate relocations this year for some very large companies based in Texas. And that's not surprising since we're such a business-friendly state, too."

(We'd assume he meant to add "And by 'business-friendly,' I mean woefully inadequate in spending on education and children's health," but we'd no doubt be incorrect.)

Biggest loser this year: No surprise, it's Michigan (Outbound 2,210; inbound 1,019, with most of them probably just coming back to buy crack in Detroit. Just kidding.)

Texas' 8,000 trips was second only to California's 11,000, but the net balance of that state was 459 more inbound than outbound trips.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.