Texas Law Prompts Creation of More Abortion Clinics (And One Will be in Houston)

The new anti-abortion legislation is expected to do what a lot of its proponents were hoping for - closing down a bunch of the abortion clinics in Texas - but it's also had a couple of upshots the pro-choice people weren't aiming for, like, say creating more abortion clinics in the Lone Star State.

The new law prompted the establishment of Texas Women's Reproductive Health Initiative, Inc., a nonprofit aimed at giving Texas woman access to clinics that will still be able to provide abortions within the confines of the new state law.The organization has plans to open three facilities in Houston, Austin and San Antonio by September 2014.

The new clinics will comply with all the new requirements, meeting Ambulatory Surgical Center standards, with staff trained to perform reproductive procedures including abortions, tubal sterilization and vasectomies, according to the release. Each facility will cost about $3 million and it will take about nine months to both staff and build each clinic, with more clinics planned.

The new abortion law sets a 20-week limit on abortions and requires abortions be performed in Ambulatory Surgical Centers. The standards for these facilities are so much higher, it's believed 37 of the 42 clinics in Texas will be required to close.

"Texas Women's Reproductive Health Initiative will provide women with choices," co-founder Charles Cohen stated in the release. "We will restore the capacity this law intends to remove by creating fully licensed Texas Ambulatory Surgery Centers dedicated to reproductive healthcare."

And one of those centers is slated to open up right here in Houston.

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