Texas Lottery: Come For The Games, Stay For The Pornography

Check out all the female ass on

this page

, just waiting for your drooling attention!

No, really, check it out -- the Texas Lottery wants you to.

As KHOU reported, the Lottery has signed a contract with a website called slingo.com to market one of their games. Part of the agreement is that the Texas Lottery website has to include a link to Slingo.

And when you go to Slingo, you see some ass. And come-on looks. And, allegedly, all kinds of nastiness in the "members profile" section.

"We came across several that are direct links into pornographic Web sites where individuals talk about who they are and then, 'Come look at my link.," said the outraged-on-demand member of the Christian Life Commission interviewed by KHOU.

We tried to look at some of the profiles, but they all seemed set to "private." And we don't want to register to Slingo and look any further, because frankly the whole site kind of screams out "spyware" to us.

But you, you can feel free to revel in it all. The Texas Lottery would want nothing less.

-- Richard Connelly

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