Texas' Mess Of A Democratic Primary System May Be Changing

The Democratic Party of Texas caught

some grief

this year for its strange method of choosing delegates to the national convention, an odd and confusing hybrid of a primary and a caucus.

The system ended up favoring urban, liberal parts of the state this year -- Hillary Clinton won the popular vote statewide, but when it came time to awarding delegates Barack Obama got more.

There's a move on to change the system, and it looks like Houstonians will get a chance to be heard.

Hearings have been conducted by Dallas State Senator Royce West; one held Friday in Austin was believed to have been the final one.

But the Austin American-Statesmen's blog reports that West surprised attendees by announcing further hearings will be held in Houston, San Antonio and Dallas.

We've put in calls to West's office to find out if a date has been set; we'll let you know when we hear.

Update: No date has been set yet; an announcement is expected to come in the next few days.

-- Richard Connelly

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