Texas Monthly Gives Astros Bum Steer Award, Puts Wrong Unis, Players on Cover

As if the humiliation couldn't get any worse, Texas Monthly decided to pile on. The Astros and Texans have humiliated Houston this season and the Astrodome is likely being torn down. So, on the cover the annual Bum Steer Awards issue, TM decided to put all three, the Dome being crushed under the weight of their "Steer-zilla."

But in their haste to take a crack at Houston teams, they ran into some design issues.

First, the uniforms pictured on the cover are this season's redesigned semi-throwbacks, but the gross pinstripes from the past few years. If that weren't bad enough, they put a couple of players on the cover that didn't play for the Astros last year (is that Lance Berkman on there???), though some are so small, it is hard to tell.

At least they faced up on their blog, agreeing to award themselves a Bum Steer Award for the mistake:

Yeah, we blew it. On our January 2014 Bum Steer Awards cover, David Dewhurst, the Houston Texans, and the Astros--who all took the magazine's top honors for Bum Steers of the Year--are shown running away from "Steerzilla," which is demolishing the Astrodome. Pretty funny cover, and pretty spot on, except that the baseball players are shown wearing the Astros uniform that was retired in 2012. And not only that, but several of the players featured weren't even on the Astros roster last year.

Thing is, the entire Houston sports community, save maybe the Rockets and Rice football, deserves the award. Beyond the Astros and Texans debacle, and the sad fate of the Dome, there is the CSN Houston disaster, too.

So don't bother apologizing, TM. You didn't go too far with the mistake. If anything, you didn't go far enough. Next time, make it the hideous gray uniforms and see if you can work in a picture of the Kaz Matsui contract. Be sure to get Ed Reed on there as well. In fact, just throw Tony Boselli and David Carr in the mix. May as well take that back to the beginning.

Maybe, if you were to do that, Texas Monthly, Bob McNair and Jim Crane would finally figure out how embarrassing their organizations have been and do something about it.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.