Texas Nationalists to Stage Border Protests Saturday, Just Not on the Border

The Texas Nationalist Movement is calling for a National Day of Action Saturday, July 19 and demanding the government take action on the looming border crisis. The group will be demonstrating throughout Texas as part of their protests against what they call an "invasion," something they believe is being encouraged by the Obama administration.

According to a press release, the group is "a grassroots organization seeking Texas independence from the United States." Yes, because secession will solve ALL our border problems. The protests, while aimed squarely at our southern border, won't actually take place on the border. The closest announced protest location is in Hondo, which is just west of San Antonio and about 140 miles from Laredo.

In case you were crossing your fingers, there is a protest planned for Houston in front of the Mexican Consulate at 4507 San Jacinto.

Among the "requests" the group has for securing our borders is having Governor Perry militarize the Texas National Guard and Texas State Guard so that all of them may be deployed along the border with Mexico. They also want limits on enlistments in those organizations eliminated, while demanding that taxpayers not be required to pay for the education of illegals.

The group was thrilled with the suggestion Perry made that President Obama manufactured the crisis "in an attempt to destroy Texas' vibrant economy by overwhelming it with social spending," the release says. They also believe Texas can't survive as part of the United States. The group's president Daniel Miller is quoted in the release saying, "We are calling on Governor Perry and the Texas Legislature to pass legislation calling for a referendum on Texas independence. The only way that Texas will ever have a secure border with Mexico is to declare our independence."

Because clearly the cost of educating children is substantially more than placing a military force along the entire Texas-Mexico border, which is currently guarded by 12,000 border patrol agents. But, I digress.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.