Texas Spider-Man Fans: You Could Be A Broadway Star! (Or, Maybe Not)

Spider-Man geeks, rejoice!! You may not only get to live out your fantasy -- being Peter Parker and his alter ego -- but you can be a Broadway star!!

Or, on the other hand, you can participate in a huge publicity stunt.

They're making a musical out of Spiderman, complete with a new (to us, anyway) hyphen in the name. (Hey, a little research shows he's always had the hyphen. Who knew?)

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark has music and lyrics by Bono and The Edge, otherwise known as the two U2 dudes with weird names.

It's being directed by the acclaimed Julie Taymor, who brought magic to The Lion King, and it has a huge budget for Broadway, no doubt featuring lots and lots of aerial magic. None of that cheap Cathy Rigby-Peter Pan "I'm Flying" stuff.

Best of all: They're coming to Texas to search for a cast! (If you believe that.)

An open casting call is set for next Wednesday in Austin for three parts: Peter Parker, Mary Jane and "Female Lead Villain."

Peter "must have a great rock tenor voice. Can be nerdy with understated sex appeal and a good sense of humor." Wait, no acrobatic skills? They couldn't possibly be thinking about using a stunt double under the mask for the Spidey scenes, can they? Cheating!!

Mary Jane should be a "beautiful girl next door. Strong pop/rock singing voice required."

And for the Lead Female Villain, she should be 25-25 years old. Any ethinicty is OK, but she "must have an amazing rock voice. Think Sinead O'Connor with a Middle Eastern/Bulgarian/Greek twist...Foreign accents are great." So you'll be getting some free xenophobia with your Broadway experience.

Anyway, we encourage all Spidey fans to put down the Cheetos and Natty Lights, maybe lay off the donuts that morning to present your best physical form, and head to Austin.

And then be disappointed when the producers decide to go with a big Broadway name instead.

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