Texas to Put Humans to Sleep with Animal Drug

Pretty soon, in-deep-doo-doo Texans will be able to exit the planet in the same style as deaf, blind and arthritic-ridden Fidos and Fluffys.

As was recently reported by the Wall Street Journal, the state of Texas has opted to change its lethal-injection formula to include pentobarbital. The sedative is the choice drug for veterinarians to put you-sure-lived-a-good-life animals to sleep.

The move was prompted by a nationwide deficit of thiopental sodium, thanks/no thanks to a company called Hospira. The Chicago-based biz was, until recently, the only spot that provided the goods to assist executioners in their craft. But in November, Hospira decided to halt the supply of thiopental sodium, and capital-punishment states have been scrambling ever since.

In an execution-giddy state such as Texas, you knew they were going to do anything to continue injecting the ever-living crap out of people and into purgatory. More surprisingly, however, is that the Lone Star State won't be the first to use pentobarbital to help bid sayonara to death-row inmates.

As of the time this post was published, Oklahoma and Ohio have cumulatively executed three folks with the aid of pentobarbital. The drug, which has been cited as a reckless substitute for thiopental sodium, has been used in mercy killings for animals and assisted suicides.

According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Web site, the next scheduled execution takes place on April 5 with Cleve Foster. If all goes as planned, the death-row inmate -- who raped and killed Sudanese immigrant Nyaneur Pal on February 13, 2002, in Fort Worth -- will be the first person in Texas to go out with the help of pentobarbital.

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