Texas Traveler Tries Curling

Sometimes it's a bad idea to watch the Olympic Games in a bar. When someone shouts over the broadcast of the biathlon "Hey, I could do that," you might not want to challenge them, especially since this is Texas and that bar patron probably already has one half of the shooting/skiing sport mastered.

But when you're watching curling on the tube after having a few, and someone suggests you all go down to Clear Lake to try your hand at lawn bowling on ice, you think "What could go wrong?"

That's how Texas Traveler ended up at the Space City Ice Station at 10:30 p.m. on a Saturday.

The weekend before, we watched as the US Women defeated Great Britain in a round-robin game and listened as the sportscasters opined about the future of the sport. Curling, it seems, has a reputation somewhat similar to that of whist -- it's an old lady's game, at least in the countries where it's played regularly.

But both the US and Great Britain teams were looking to change that.

Eve Muirhead, the 19-year-old skip (or captain) of the Great Britain team, has funky dyed hair and a tattoo of the Olympic rings. On the US team, the oldest curler was Tracy Sachtjen, born in 1969, who kept a blog about her experiences in Vancouver, bringing the game to a whole new medium.

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