Texas Tribune Gets A Hefty New York Times Correction

The Texas Tribune, the semi-new non-profit journalistic outfit, has been partnering with The New York Times. On Sundays, Times readers in the Lone Star State get two pages in their print edition with stories from Tribune writers.

The partnership is relatively new (it began October 29) and there haven't been any noticeable bumps as far as readers could tell.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday's Times included a quite extensive correction to a December 11 political column by Tribune managing editor Ross Ramsey, who compared Texas Democrats to the Baltimore Orioles.

The comparison had some problems, it turns out.

The correction that ran yesterday:

A column last Sunday about the plight of Texas Democrats, and how they have become the political equivalent of the often-struggling Baltimore Orioles, contained several errors.

The Orioles won their division once in the 1990s, not twice. (They were the wild-card team in 1996 and then won the division in 1997.)

Ann Richards defeated Clayton Williams in the 1990 Texas governor's race -- not George W. Bush. (Mr. Bush defeated Ms. Richards in her re-election campaign in 1994.)

And though Ms. Richards and Earl Weaver, the former Orioles manager, might very well enjoy comparing notes about what went wrong with their respective "teams," they would not be doing so in heaven. Mr. Weaver, unlike Ms. Richards, is still alive.

They regret the errors, we're sure.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.