Texas Voter ID Info For Early Voting and Election Day

For anyone wishing to vote this election cycle in Texas (early voting opened on October 21), there is a new wrinkle. If you don't have a valid ID like a Texas drivers license or concealed handgun permit (not kidding), you are going to have to get a voter ID card. Sure, there are fights against it in court already, but, for now, you have to get it if you want to participate in freedom...and voting.

There are a variety of ways to get the IDs, though word is it can be pretty damn confusing. Of course, no one would ever accuse supporters of the legislation of purposely passing a bill that makes it harder to vote because, why would they do that?

There is a new website -- GotIDTexas.org -- to help you navigate the confusion. Of course, you can visit designated drivers license offices on Saturdays -- though you can't get a license on those days -- and unfortunately there are counties with few if any resources, but if you believe in freedom, you'll do what is necessary to exercise your right to vote!

Election Day is November 5, so get moving.

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