Texas Votes 2008: In Chart Form!!

The 2008 election, which began sometime back in the late `90s, is finally coming to a close.

Election Day is November 4, and everyone of voting age should get out there and cast a ballot. If you haven't registered, just contact your local ACORN office. (JK!!!)

There are many down-ballot races that you may not be familiar with, since the liberal media is concentrating so much on the Obama-McCain "contest."

So we'll be presenting easy-to-read charts that will help you make a decision. Today: The Texas Senate race!!

Incumbent John Cornyn, a Republican, takes on Rick Noriega, who is a Democrat but only mentions that in certain big cities.

Here's how things stack up:


[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tt05KC3Add8

[2] http://www.ricknoriega.com/multimedia/videolibrary?id=0028

[3] http://www.ricknoriega.com/multimedia/videolibrary?id=0032

-- Richard Connelly

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