Texas Watchdog Offices Broken Into: Begin The Paranoia?

Texas Watchdog, the website that does a lot of digging into the spending of governments and politicians, was burglarized over the weekend.

The offices in downtown Houston were ransacked and laptops taken, among other things.

Was it the work of a nervous or vengeful politico running a black ops?

Probably not, editor Trent Siebert tells Hair Balls.

"I'm often paranoid, but I think in this case it's pretty random," he says. "For example, the folks who broke in apparently ate all of our snack food while they were here... not exactly the act of CIA-trained Cuban burglars."

We will probably never know the truth, though.

Siebert says that while police did come quickly, "it was a couple of young uniformed officers who responded. They were very nice and took their time, but it wasn't like the CSI team led by Columbo and Kojack were on the scene."

All the crucial DNA on those Sun Chip crumbs, gone to waste....

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