Texas Wildfires, Via Facebook and Twitter

Recently we wondered what 9/11 would have been like with today's social media.

We're getting some slight taste of it with the wildfires raging through Central Texas and Magnolia.

People are tweeting updates, pleas for help rescuing livestock and horses, putting up photos and setting up pages where volunteers can help out.

Harris County officials say there is no threat here, but they have put up info on how they are helping battle the blazes.

Some sample tweets and FB updates from the web:

@broylesa : Can't tell what was more surreal this morning, the chilly pre-dawn temperature or the sinister campfire smell. #centraltxfires

@ understandblue : Per Lake Travis FD; please post that firefighters want oranges & ripe bananas. Please retweet RT @TerryKing: #Steiner

@ NickB_KVUE: Bastrop officials: even if you are staying with friends please check in with shelters so we can account for our residents. #centraltxfires

Beckie Neville I am Reposting from someone else's page. Anyone in Central Texas who needs a place to evacuate livestock can take their animals to the livestock arena located in Elgin. Please call Lorrie Phillips...anytime of the day or night. If owners don't have a trailer, she will send necessary number of trailers to get the animals out. Lorrie is taking donations of hay and grain for the people who have lost everything in the fires. Please also call Lorrie to donate hay or grain.

Chloe Flores I am available to help any way I can. I don't have a trailer but I do have a truck if anyone needs help moving animals around.. We also have 20 fenced acres in Dale if anyone would like to use it please message me! We only have 2 female donkeys on it now

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