Texas, You Don't Want Liquor Sales On Sunday (Allegedly)

According to a new poll, Texans overwhelmingly do not want liquor stores open on Sunday.

We bet we could find some polling places in the state where they might get a different result.

But the polling firm of Baselice & Associates asked 801 randomly selected Texans (from Baylor, probably) about it and they say keeping stores closed on Sundays is favored by 67 percent of respondents, with 29 percent opposed.

This pleases the Texas Package Stores Association, which you would think would want to be open on Sundays. But apparently sales wouldn't be enough to justify the added overhead. Or, more nobly, they fear a rise in DWI deaths

"Most importantly, DWI fatalilties on Sundays increased  'sharply' after Sunday liquor sales were improved in New mexico," says Fred Marosko of the TPSA. "Since Texas is currently third in the natin for alcohol-related highway fatalities, it's no surprise that legislation with this track record faces sharp opposition."

State Rep. Roland Gutierrez of San Antonio has introduced legislation seeking Sunday sales.

"You can go to Wal-Mart and buy all the beer and wine that you want. Yet we don't allow Sam's Liquor Store to open on Sunday and therefore I think we're being a little hypocritical," he told a local TV station.

Sam's Liquor Store -- sounds homey. And just the place to get your gin on after Sunday Mass.

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