Thank Buddha, Or God, Or Xenu: We Don't Have To Endure Another Month Of Perry Vs. Kay

The least surprising primary night in a long time has....lived up to its non-surprisedness.

Rick Perry, the longest-serving governor in the state's history, succeeded in painting someone else as an incumbent.

And let's just say Perry has staked out his claim to the 2012 GOP presidential nomination -- his acceptance speech was full of the idiotic tea-party crap, sure, but...the Texas governor talking about New Jersey? Dude has his sights set on bigger things.

There's no way in the world that Perry's brand of wing-nuttiness will prevail in 2012 or any other time -- unless you liked the administration of President Barry Goldwater -- but boy, tonight's speech left no doubt about Perry's plans to be a player in GOP politics in the coming years.

Maybe he'll even break 50 percent in the general election this year.

There don't seem to be many upsets or surprises in the election returns tonight, unless you thought Kinky Friedman had a chance.

Sheila Jackson Lee easily repelled two challengers, thanks to a last-second Obama endorsement, and Bill White somehow found the strength to defeat Farouk Shami.

In other words -- only Bill White stand between President Rick Perry?

We shdder to think.

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Richard Connelly
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