Thank God, Ted Cruz Will Protect Texas from the U.N.

This ad for GOP primary senatorial candidate Ted Cruz has been showing up on conservative Web sites.

It alerts -- thankfully, finally -- all Texans to the growing threat that the U.N. will....invade? Take over in a bloodless coup? We don't know.

All we know is that the U.N. is (apparently) a grave threat to all of us here in Texas, and Ted Cruz needs our help in fighting them.

Before you sign up to defend your homestead and wimmen from these blue-helmeted Visigoths, you might check further into Cruz's own Web site.

There we are told that the fight against the U.N. involves Texas's God-given right to kill people.

Led by Cruz, it says, "Texas stood up against 90 nations to guarantee the right for Texas and the United States to carry out justice for a brutal murderer and rapist, without being subject to the laws of the World Court."

You mean tanks filled with "peacekeepers" aren't about to roll up South Congress to overrun the Capitol? Never mind, then.

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