God is on line two, with a campaign contribution.
God is on line two, with a campaign contribution.

Thank You, Lord: Dan Patrick May Run for Senate

If you take as a given -- which you should -- that it's going to be awhile before a moderate ever gets elected to the U.S. Senate from Texas, then you want your troglodyte senatorial candidates to be as entertainingly fringe as possible.

So look with a smile upon this morning's news that our very own state Senator Dan Patrick, R-Tea Party, is forming an exploratory committee to enter the race to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison.

We assume the exploratory committee consists solely of God, who seems to get all the credit (or blame, as it were) for anything Patrick does.

More than a decade ago, we profiled Patrick and his transformation from sportscaster clown who painted himself Columbia Blue to a Jesus-driven rightwing talkshow host.

His religious fervor got so intense he eventually left KPRC for the greener, preaching-to-the-tinier-but-more-fervent pastures of KSEV. And eventually, of course, the state Senate.

We look forward to debates on how airport security patdowns are reminiscent of the Civil War, and how Obama is secretly planning to hand over American sovereignty to a Muslim cabal of U.N. bureaucrats.

Again, no one is going to be a moderate in this race on the GOP side. KBH proved how well that works in her disastrous gubernatorial race.

So let's sit back and watch as Republicans try to outdo themselves in being even more Tea Party than the others. Break out the "Don't Tread On Me" flags and crank up the Jesus references, boys!!!

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