Thankful for Thanksgiving: Five Reasons It Is My Favorite Holiday

Everyone has a favorite holiday. I would dare say for many that is Christmas. Others might prefer July 4 or the always scintillating President's Day. For me, it's Thanksgiving. Much of that is likely owed to the fact that my family hosted the holiday every year and it was the one time when, at least to me, it felt truly family festive. Sure, they were probably fighting about politics and why we had to have the same side dishes EVERY DAMN YEAR, but I was happy as a clam.

That continues for me to this day as I still love the holiday. I haven't hosted one, well, since I helped out as a kid, but there are plenty of things about this holiday that I am thankful for. Family and friends is an obvious choice -- I love seeing them all -- but here are some of my other favorite Thanksgiving Day traditions.

Empty parking lots

I know there is a lot of controversy over stores opening for sales on Turkey Day, but I don't really care because the vast majority are closed and there is something eerily awesome about a mall with no cars in the parking lot. It makes it feel like the world is quietly enjoying a day off.

Other people napping

There is something soothing about your fat uncle snoozing away on the sofa during the football game to make the whole day seem like a success. Plus, the more people who are asleep, the fewer of them will be fighting about Obamacare.

After-party drinking

My two favorite nights to hang out with friends during the holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas. The parties are over. People are coming out of their food comas. Most are stressed from a day with family members. So, thankfully, there is still partying to be done because after the party is the after-party. There are always bars open, but if you plan on staying in, make sure and stock up on the drank the day before Thanksgiving.


Is there anything in this world better than a leftover-turkey sandwich? I say no and I will fight you with a carving knife if you suggest otherwise. Having a big pile of leftover turkey just sitting there means there are sandwiches that need making and, by God, someone has got to make them. I could eat those every day of my life, but somehow they aren't as good as post-Turkey Day.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

As a kid, I used to get up to catch the parades while my folks made lunch. To this day, I still love watching them. Yes, Macy's is one of the corniest things that exist in this world, but the floats, the balloons, the Roker! This is not to take anything away from the local parade, which is also awesome (and the reason God invented the channel changer), but when you can get the cast of Kinky Boots, cast members of random NBC shows kissing up to Big Al and The Roots, all in the same broadcast, it's hard to turn away from the New York City spectacle.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.