That Burning, Semi-Christmas-y Smell Last Night

If you were out and about around downtown last night, you might have noted a smoky smell.

Actually, it went further than that -- we were on the West Loop around 7:15 or so and the baseball lights at Episcopal High were clearly demarking a pall of smoke.

No sirens were going off, so it wasn't like there was a fire anywhere near.

KTRK reported that the smoke and smell was the result of a controlled burn at the Anauhauc Wildlife Refuge, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

"The smoke was not due to a controlled burn. There was a wildfire on the McFaddin Wildlife Refuge that started yesterday," Tim Cooper, preject leader at Anahuac, tells Hair Balls. "The fire is currently out."

So that should be the end of the smoke around here. Which is sorta bad, since it did bring with it a feel of a foresty Christmas.

Not that we would want a wildfire or anything in order to provide it, of course.

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