That Christian Group Has A Most Christian Runoff Endorsement

Talk about a ballsy endorsement: local group Christians For Better Government announced today that it definitely thinks you should vote Annise Paker for mayor. Or maybe Gene Locke. Come to think of it, wouldn't it be swell if we could have two mayors??

This is after the non-profit, Pentecostal-Charismatic political organization declined to endorse a candidate before the general election. So why the Houston Chronicle-like double endorsement in a field of two for the December 12 run-off? CFBG's president, the Rev. Willie Wright Jr., explains.

"We felt that Gene Locke and Annise Parker are equally equipped," he says. "We didn't want to send a message by endorsing just Gene Locke that we are anti-gay, anti-abortion -- a lot of churches and pastors want us to be associated as a right-wing group, and we don't want to be identified with that. For the sake of peace and harmony and community, we have decided to endorse both."

That may come off as pussyfooting, but consider that CFBG suffered a sort of identity theft when a group claiming the same name sent out a missive decrying the fact that Parker loves the ladies. Hell, it even fooled Charles Kuffner.

It was upsetting for Wright, whose organization strives to be inclusive, despite what the conservative-sounding name suggests.

"Most of the elected officials who profess to be godly are the ones who got us in this mess," he says. "People are losing their homes not because of what homosexuals have done. If a person is out on the river and the boat has capsized, and you about to drown and go down for the third time, and someone comes to your rescue who can deliver you to safety on shore, you don't ask them, 'Are you a lesbian or are you straight?' Our focus is not on orientation but qualification."

There you go. Gene and Annise: both are qualified to be mayor, and neither would let the fact that they enjoy sex with women get in the way of lifeguard responsibilities.

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