That Fiesta At 14th & Studewood May Be Going, Going, Gone

Via Swamplot comes word that the Fiesta supermarket near Woodland Heights, and the land around it, is for sale.

The property at 14th Street and Studewood is a prime location for a Starbucks, a cel-phone store, a bank branch and a Wingstop, if Houston history is any indication.

The Fiesta has been a neighborhood standby for years -- not the classiest place in town, to be sure, but convenient and a little bit of the ol' urban-pioneer ethnicity Heights lovers revel in.

The flyer by Page Partners shows an asking price of about $3.5 million for 28,500 square feet on a little over two acres, which Swamplot -- whom we trust implicitly in such matters -- seems to think is not bad.

We lived for quite a few years not far from the Fiesta (late-night diaper runs seem to stick in our mind), and it's really a nice neighborhood -- Lights in the Heights takes place a couple of blocks away, the bungalows and larger homes are -- as Realtors would no doubt put it -- "charming," and it's convenient as hell to downtown.

We guess someone could come in and put in a row of bland townhomes, since it's right there on Studewood.

Or maybe -- just maybe -- someone could decide against more townhomes, against yet another strip mall, and instead do something original and funky that would fit the neighborhood.

But we're not holding our breath. And of course, with this economy, the Fiesta may be available for late-night diaper runs for a long time to come.

-- Richard Connelly

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