That Four Loko You Didn't Get to Drink: Now Being Turned into Ethanol

We consider ourselves to be something along the lines of Four Loko specialists here at Hair Balls; we have drunk it and kept the nation informed on its brief, energy-and-vomit-filled life.

So now, as it heads to its demise as a rancid-tasting non-caffeinated drink, we are happy to tell you that it is being recycled. As ethanol.

The Associated Press reports that a Virginia company has the contract to recycle all that tangy goodness into something that will go into gas tanks.

We think the same thing happens with leftover Courvoisier, but we're not totally sure.

The Virginia company, MXI, is expecting "a couple hundred" truckloads of the no-banned caffeinated version of Four Loko; each truck will have about 2,000 cases of the 24-ounce cans. The company doesn't waste much of what it gets:

MXI distills the alcohol from the drinks, then sells the fuel to be blended into gasoline, Potter said. It sells the aluminum cans to a recycler. Potter estimated it takes "30 days until it's back on the shelf as another beer can." It also recycles the drinks' water, cardboard packaging and shipping pallets.

But we're thinking of that current beer ad where the oil-change employees party on while allegedly working on a Bud Light delivery truck.

MXI may be party central for a while.

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Richard Connelly
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