That Letter We Sent Canceling Special Olympics And Asking Volunteers To Stay Away? Just A Draft, Sorry

At least one parent with a child at Richmond State School received an e-mail today that lists the school's precautions against the swine flu. (The school houses about 500 mentally and physically disabled students.)

The precautions included:

-- canceling the Special Olympics and all off-campus trips.
-- suspending all volunteer activities and requesting that volunteers do not come on campus.
-- strongly encouraging all family and friends to postpone visits on campus and refraining from taking [residents] off campus to public locations.

The letter says that these decisions will be reassessed on May 15.

Hair Balls has the full letter here, but according to Cecilia Fedorov, a spokeswoman for the state's Department of Aging and Disability Services, the letter is simply a draft that could change anytime, calling the situation "fluid." She didn't know how many letters were mailed.

Furthermore, she said, these plans apply to Richmond, not other Texas state schools.

If a resident at Richmond gets the swine flu, Fedorov said that medical care will be provided as needed, with steps to protect the other residents. There won't be an evacuation.

"This is somebody's home," she says. "You wouldn't evacuate an apartment complex just because someone is sick."

For updated swine flu information from Richmond, call the school's family phone line at 281-344-4399.

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