That Long-Awaited HPD Beating Video Is Out

The video is out
KTRK has managed to get its hands on the long-awaited security footage that shows Houston police officers hitting and kicking a teenaged burglary suspect as he's in custody.

From the initial reports by people who'd seen it when the incident happened last year, you might have been expecting a Rodney King beatdown. What is shown isn't as bad -- there are no batons raining down on the kid's head -- but one cop sure does throw the old boot in more than seems necessary.

KTRK is not allowing embedding of the video (can't blame them), so you'll have to click here to watch it and make your own judgment. It's been posted to YouTube, at least until it gets yanked. See below...

The beating victim, Chad Holley, 15, was suspected of burglary and was running from the cops last March when they corralled him by Bob's Storage on the west side.

The footage shows Holley taking a header over a cop car that has dashed in front of him to block his way, and then a half-dozen officers descend on him as he lies on the ground.

Eight officers were suspended without pay after the incident, and four have been indicted and await trial in federal court.

Holley was later convicted of the burglary.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.