That Pavilion No One Uses At Galveston's Seawolf Park To Be Replaced

Pretty much no one ever goes to visit the modernistic white pavilion at Galveston's Seawolf Park.

Now they never will.

The building, which is mostly a kind of visual landmark seen by people cruising on the ferry, was heavily damaged by Ike. Since it was a bit of a white elephant, the city's Parks Board has voted not to repair it, the Galveston County Daily News reports.

Now the question is what, if anything, should replace it on the tip of Pelican Island. Suggestions include a hotel, a museum dedicated to the immigrants who entered the US there, an RV park or a restaurant.

Ike wore away the pavilion's foundation, making it inhabitable. Tearing down the place won't cost much more than the $17,000 needed to put a protective fence around it. And, since no one uses the place anyway, it makes little sense to replace it as is.

But the main attraction at the park -- beyond the WW2 sub and escort -- is fishing, especially at night. Revenue from fishers is important to the city, so any new development would, you'd think, have to be compatible with that activity.

There's no timetable set for a decision on what to do; we're guessing some consultant will get paid a lot of money to put together a great PowerPoint presentation filled with artists' renderings of busy, happy places.

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Richard Connelly
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