That Roberts Elementary Teacher Is Cleared, No Matter What HISD's Drug-Sniffing Dog Says

The District Attorney's office has announced they're formally dropping the charges against Mindy Herrick, the art teacher whose arrest after a drug-sniffing-dog search sparked protests.

The dog found a Xanax in her car; the pill wasn't hers. HISD reinstated her almost two months ago, so the question is What the hell took so long?

"It took a lot longer than I thought it would," Herrick's attorney, Kent Schaffer, told Hair Balls. "I believed the DA would dismiss the charges, but instead they decided to send it to the grand jury. Last Friday I sent a two-inch package of information to the grand jury and the prosecutor, and evidently after they reviewed it the prosecutor moved to dismiss the case."

Herrick's arrest brought hundreds of letters of support and donations to a defense fund that will likely cover all fees and expenses for Schaffer's services, which don't come cheap.

He says Herrick is relieved now, but has been bitter.

"It was deeply embarrassing to her," he says. "She's lived very cleanly, been a very responsible person. It was devastating to her....To be accused of something like this was like saying her whole life was a lie."

Herrick teaches at Roberts Elementary, a school on the edges of West U.

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