Wilson Roe
An 873-can masterpiece in only 271 hours? That Red Bull must've really given Derrick wings or something. (Wings... yeah, they oughta use that.)

That's a Lotta Bull, Dude

Some folks like their Red Bull Dirty Little Bastard-style (Bacardi, J�germeister and Red Bull). Others enjoy a nice ChamBull . Today, local artist Scott Derrick has found that his people really dig his Red Bull creation: "Reaching for the Edge."

"Reaching for the Edge" isn't a cool new cocktail (dangit), but rather a sculpture of a man on a jet ski that stands nearly seven feet tall. Last month, Derrick's sculpture won second place in Red Bull's annual "Art of the Can" contest, which featured entries from hundreds of artists worldwide. While the winning sculptures have been on display in downtown Dallas since November, fans just named "Reaching for the Edge" as their favorite in the People's Choice Award late last week.

Derrick, who hails from Rosharon, created this bigass Bull piece in the summer, when he heard that Red Bull was putting on a contest. Inspired by his jet skiing buddy, he created a life-sized wire frame of a jet ski out of rebar, and then glued cans of Tha Bull to it. Friends bought up cases of Bull, downed it and brought the cans over — 873 total. "It took 271 hours and a lot of sleepless nights," says Derrick. (Well, duh.) When he finished the piece, Derrick, who normally works in brass and copper wall sculptures, plopped the thing in the back of a pickup truck and drove it to Dallas -- through a hail storm and lighting storm. "It wasn't too bad," says Derrick of driving a potential lightning rod up I-45, "but the hail made a lot of noise."

Derrick and his wife are just back from an all-expense-paid trip to the Art Basel Exhibition in Miami Beach (his second-place prize), and says he's planning to enter more contests next year.

Here's hoping he has an ephemeral, Sparks-inspired work in him, or at least something with a nice Zima motif. — Steven Devadanam

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