That's One Ballsy Ex-Cop In Beaumont

Paul Perritt is one ballsy man.

He used to be a Beaumont police officer. That career ended when it was discovered he had stolen more than $142,000 from the Beaumont Police Association. The thievery was made somewhat easier by the fact that he was the organization's treasurer (His motto: "The Books Are Fine: You've Got My Word On It!!")

But that's not why he's so ballsy.

It's his new career, amateur lawyer. Representing himself in court. Suing the city and the BPA over $2,300 he says he's owed for medical expenses.

"Your honor, you have no idea what kind of carpal tunnel you get when you're writing all those bogus checks to yourself," he didn't argue, but might have.

As the Beaumont Enterprise's Bayou blog put it, "This takes some stones."

Perritt received four months in prison and four months house arrest, along with the need to pay restitution for the $142,000. Which perfectly explains why he needs $2,300, man.

Justice of the Peace Vi McGinnis rejected Perritt's request. But he can still appeal and take the case to a county court.

He seems like the kind of guy to do it. And then sue the city for his pro se legal fees.

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