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The 10 Best Houston Conspiracy Theories

Back in the olden days people used to make sense of the scariest parts of the world by inventing monsters and then inventing even more improbable ways of defeating them or avoiding them. The 21st century has turned vampires and werewolves into teen heartthrobs, so instead we now trade stories of shadowy government plots that can be battled through the power of message boards. Same principal as medieval Europe, but way more hilarious. Today let's explore some of the best ones that involve our city.

The Moon Landing We'll get the most famous one out of the way first. Since 1969 people have been claiming that mankind's walks on the surface of the moon were faked by NASA on a soundstage. The idea is so deeply ingrained that there is a Wikipedia page more than three times the length of this article explaining it and even to this day some polls show that as many as one in five Americans still believe we never went to the moon. That's a hell of a conspiracy.

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