The 10 Best Places To Get Married In Houston

June is the month for weddings, because if there's one situation you want to find yourself in, it's at an outdoor wedding in a Houston summer.

With the closing of longtime wedding fave Vargo's, Houston has lost a go-to wedding destination. But there are plenty of other places that would make a good setting for exchanging oaths, whether they allow ceremonies on the property or not.

So here are the 10 best places to get married in Houston.

10. The Crystal Ballroom Not only do you get downtown elegance, you get to harken back to the days when the Rice Hotel was the epicenter of all things social in Houston. Plus, if things get boring, you can always sneak across the street to Molly's Pub.

9. The hill at the Miller Outdoor Theatre In case you don't feel you're the center of attention enough, get married at the top of Houston's only hill and have the adoring audience look up at you. If you're really starved for attention, sneak onto the stage and find the spotlight switch.

8. Glenwood Cemetery (Cue Billy Idol) It's a nice place for a...goth wedding. Not to mention you could have it at Howard Hughes' grave, as long as you make sure everyone brings their own urine jars.

7. The Gulf Building Sure, it's a bank lobby, but it's a great bank lobby. Art Deco, murals and metalwork give the place a visceral historic feel of behatted men taking advantage of the Roaring Twenties. Just cover up the teller positions with some flowers and you're good to go.

6. Studewood Park This Woodland Heights park features one of the best skyline views of downtown. Show off your Houston Pride. Just hope White Oak bayou isn't especially pungent on your big day.

5. Battleship Texas Sure, it's sinking. But that will add a frisson of danger to the ceremony -- will there by a Titanic-like rush for safety before you can get to "I do"? Plus getting married under huge guns would be cool.

4. The Waterwall Everyone gets their engagement picture taken here, unless they do it on the Rice campus. Might as well hold the event there, too. Just be sure to shoo away all the other visitors -- it's your wedding, dammit!

3. The Magnolia Ballroom Another taste of historic Houston. Features a great ceiling/chandelier to get married under. And the jail's not too far away if things get out of hand.

2. The Menil Stand the couple in the loop of the lawn sculpture, to drive home the point that the groom is forever cut off from hanging with his brosephs like he used to do.

1. The original MFAH building Another engagement-photo favorite, this would be a perfect, classy setting -- as long as you don't have too many buses rumbling down Montrose or Main.

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