The 10 Coolest Houston Fire Station Patches: Skulls, Gangs & Singed Balls

With everyone watching the wildfires blazing around the state, it's a good time to think good thoughts about the people who risk their lives as firefighters.

Each Houston Fire Department station has its own patch, and some of them are very cool. Or odd.

Here are the ten best, in our humble opinion.

10. Station 35: Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta This isn't so much a station patch as it is a gang symbol, from the name "Boulevard Kings" to the evil crowned dude to the death-or-glory motto. Respek.

9. Station 74: 'Roided up and ready to go The "Guardians of Greenspoint" is another great name, especially for a neighborhood most call "Gunpoint." And that Dalmatian puts Brian Cushing to shame.

8. Station 55: Old school. Really old school Any kid who sees this patch will wonder what the hell an Indian chief and a buffalo have to do with the phrase "double nickel." Station 55 is hard-core Federalist, and they don't need no Thomas freaking Jefferson on their coins.

7. Station 37: Wordless. And bad-ass Mottos are for pussies.

6. Station 8: One hot eight-ball A flaming eight-ball, a solid name like "Downtown Heat," the skyline you've sworn to protect: This patch has some swagger to it.

5. Station 13: Manly, yes, but I like it too You could argue that more could be done with the whole "Lucky 13 concept," but this patch gets grades for its what-the-hell attitude: "Yeah, we ripped off the Notre Dame leprechaun, but we changed its hair color, so what're you gonna do about it?"

4. Station 31: If George Thorogood made a heavy metal album And if the album designer was inspired by Meat Loaf's Bat Out Of Hell....

3. Station 2: My balls!! My BALLS!!!!! Who knew the "Let's all go to the lobby" crew doubled as firefighters? Firefighters with badly singled testicles, from the looks of it.

2. Station 20: And there goes political correctness "Hey, how best to represent a Hispanic neighborhood? "I dunno, how about some jalapeños?" "Throw in Speedy Gonzales and you've got a deal!!"

1. Station 22: A long, strange trip This isn't a patch, it's a Grateful Dead cover.

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