The 10 Dumbest Star Wars Names

What, you haven't gotten your Star Wars Blu-ray yet?

We haven't kept up with the news, but we're guessing George Lucas tweaked something somewhere in this latest reissue and sent message boards into apoplexy.

Thinking of Star Wars, we took a look at the IMDb cast and credits for each of the three prequels, and came up with the ten dumbest cast names that didn't include Count Dooku:

10. Tey How We think OutKast wrote a song about this dude.

9. Aks Moe This sounds like Jar Jar Binks doing ebonics.

8. Daultay Dofine A space precursor to Dudley Doright.

7. Yarael Poof There's a gay slur in here somewhere....

6. Eeth Koth Mr. and Mrs. Koth have got some explaining to do.

5. Ric Olié How did Lucas not manage a tie-in to Ricola? "My throat is back!! The little drop did it!!"

4. Tion Medon We guess calling him Tying MeDown was deemed just slightly too unsubtle.

3. Plo Koon If this isn't the name of an Asian porn star, it should be.

2. Elan Sleazebaggano Quick, someone check if Lucas or one of the writers ever had a shifty agent named Alan or Allen. Revenge!!

1. Oppo Rancisis Those who suffer from oppo rancisis are shunned by polite society; more frequent bathing is urged as a solution.

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