The 10 Hottest IRS Commissioners EVER

Tax day. Ugh.

You may moan -- we're taking the positive road. We've listed five good things about tax day, and we also choose to highlight those hot, hot, hawt IRS Commissioners who have taken your money so nobly through the years.

Like these 10:

10. George Boutwell Oooh, ladies: Tell us that beard is not designed to gently stroke your inner thighs. Mustache rides are fully deductible.

9. Linda Stiff
Linda Stiff? We hear ya, baby. You may have been only an interim commissioner serving for six months -- of the Bush administration -- but you won our hearts, or at least the part of us that gets stiff.

8. Douglas Shulman
The Shulmanator rocks the Mona Lisa smile -- oh, he knows what deep, dark desires lurk in your heart. And also how you're trying to deduct premium cable as a business expense.

7. Margaret Milner Richardson
Is that a pearl necklace? Be still my heart. Smokey gray on top means fire down below.

6. Mortimer Caplin
There are those who say men can't pull off the bow-tie look, especially if they are a) a tax lawyer, and b) named Mortimer. Mackin' Mort Caplin was Jack Kennedy's IRS commissioner, and some say he pulled more strange than JFK. Then again, JFK never wore a bow tie.

5. T. Coleman Andrews
Into the kink, apparently: He said, "People cannot pull themselves up by the bootstraps anymore because the tax collector gets the boots and the straps as well." Which sounds kinky to us.

4. Columbus Delano
George Boutwell rocked the beard; CD does that too, but he adds the eyebrows.

3. Shirley Peterson
Just try to look at Shirley P and not imagine her taking off her glasses and getting comfortable. We dare you.

2. Sheldon Cohen
Even LBJ couldn't resist the seductive Cohen stare. Johnson looks like he's about to leap into Cohen's arms, and who can blame him?

1. Alfred Pleasonton
Those dreamy eyes, that tousled hair: Oh Al, you can audit us anytime.

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