The 10 Most Awesome Vintage Texas Fruit Labels

You know, people used to care about packaging back in the day. Not like now.

And by "care," we mean throw any odd -- the odder the better, it seems -- label on your farm's fruit and vegetable boxes. Texas, of course, had a big agricultural economy when all this was going on, so locally produced labels often contained some Lone Star love.

Here are 10 of the best.

10. Cue Up the Josie Cotton

Gotta admit, the kid knows how to strike a pose.

9. When Gay Johnny Grew Up

This guy is concentrating way too hard on not lifting either pinky.

8. Torn Between Two Lovers

A man's got to keep all his options open.

7. In The Navy

Certainly a jaunty outfit. We especially like the lightning-rod design on the pants, which seem to direct the viewer's eye directly to the guy's suspiciously bulging crotch. 6. We're Not Sure Weslaco Looks Like This

Unless they moved it inshore sometime after this box was made.

5. Inside The Park Home Run

When there are no fielders, chances are it will indeed be a "safe hit."

4. Eat It, Style It

"The World's Finest Citrus Fruits" -- plus, all the lettuce that I'm not wearing next to my face!! 3. Hey, Cole Porter Did Write "Don't Fence Me In"

The rouged-up cheeks, the ascot-y scarf? This guy's got a selection of show tunes that rocks karaoke night on the range.

2. The Most Thrilling Fruits & Vegetables Of All Time

"Dammit, Skeet, there must be a hunnerd Injuns between here and the Junior League luncheon!!" "Mebbe there are, but by God those ladies need their yams and radishes and I'm not letting them down!!"

1. Death From Above

"Help Uncle Sam 'Scrap the Jap' with grapefuit!!"

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.