The 10 Reasons Why The Texans Stunk Up The Joint Against The Jags

So apparently the Texans lost another game on Sunday. Apparently people who should know better are surprised by this. And I see the standard excuses are coming out to excuse the loss. But frankly, I did some checking around, and came up with some other ways to explain the loss.

10. The Buffalo Wild Wings people told the official to throw the game. 

9. Bob McNair didn't want his buddy Drayton McLane thinking the Astros were all alone in their suckitude. 

8. Hey, why are you people bitching? At least the Jaguars didn't get away with an obvious fake punt this time around. 

7. Look on the bright side. Gary Kubiak actually won a replay challenge. It was Jack Del Rio who looked like the idiot on the replay challenges this time around. 

6. This was all part of a grander plan to make the Oakland Raiders feel overconfident next weekend. 

5. Dunta Robinson wrote "Pay Me Rick" on his shoes. Oh, wait, that was the excuse the last time.   

4. It's still hard to believe. Who would think that the Jacksonville Jaguars would run the same running play as the Tennessee Titans, the New York Jets, the Minnesota Vikings, and the New Orleans Saints? 

3. The coaches are trying to make sure the Texans have a good spot in the Colt McCoy/Case Keenum draft lottery this off-season. 

2. So they can blow the pick on another defensive lineman. 

1. The Texans didn't want to detract from the joy and excitement of the Cougars win on Saturday. 

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