The 10 Worst Speed Traps in Houston

Houston is a city of drivers, which makes us ripe for the picking when it comes to speed traps. Anyone who drives with regularity knows there are places where police routinely set up and drop the hammer on a host of unsuspecting speeders. We've compiled a list of these speed traps for you, compiled from users of speedtrap.org, a site that allows its users to post speed trap locations and other users to vote on them.

We've even included Google Maps and everything so you can make sure to be careful in these areas. Now, you shouldn't be speeding anyway there, Sammy Hagar, but we all get in a rush from time to time. Just make sure and slow down around these locations. One thing we learned is that one particular part of town is not the place to speed, like ever. Read on to find out where. If you think you know of others, feel free to add them in the comments.

Oh, and there's no excuse in a school zone. So, don't expect any sympathy if you are racing through one of those and get busted.

10. TC Jester Boulevard Heading South to I-10

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There are two bridges going over the bayou and the railroad yards in this area (you can expect the other in this list as well) and both are targeted by police looking to bust people coming down the other side too quickly. In this case, it is almost always on the southbound side heading towards Interstate 10.

9. Highway 6 at Highway 90

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According to those in the know, this place is often filled with Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department patrolmen, some in vehicles that look like normal cars until it's too late.

8. Highway 6 at Alief Clodine

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Just down the road from No. 9 is this is more about your speed on the exit ramps and coming through the intersections than actually on Highway 6.

7. I-10 East at Silber

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This entire area where I-10 feeds into the 610 Loop is complicated and it is easy to forget how fast you are going, particularly since the freeway was widened. But if you are headed back into town after a trip to pick up a Billy bookshelf from Ikea, watch your step here.

6. Clay at Barker Cypress

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With a quickly changing speed zone at this intersections, officers make short work of speeders with regularity. 5. Eldridge Parkway at Clay Road

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The first in our top 5 is in an area we'll see twice more in our top 5. This section of Eldridge near Clay road is particularly bad as it winds south through the Addicks Reservoir area.

4. I-45 South on the Pierce Exit Ramp

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Not far from the Press offices, I can attest this is indeed a hotspot. Watch for patrols at the split for Jefferson. They'll usually be sitting in the median between the two roads.

3. Shepherd North of I-10

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The second of our bridges to the Heights, I'll admit I have been tagged here. Police wait on the other side of the bridge on Shepherd heading north towards 11th Street, particularly on Friday afternoons. Talk about ruining a weekend.

2. Eldridge Parkway at the Addicks Dam

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As soon as you go over the dam heading south, be on the lookout because this is one of the worst speed traps in the city. The second in this area, this is mostly northbound heading into the Addicks Reservoir area.

1. Clay Road Heading East Towards Beltway 8

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The moral of this story is if you are driving through the Addicks Reservoir, DO NOT SPEED. The worst on our list is apparently near an archery range where the line of sight for officers is quite a good distance giving them plenty of room to bust you. With three spots in our Top 5, the cops around the Addicks Dam are NOT to be messed with.

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