The 11 Most Annoying Religious Bumper Stickers You See in Texas

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7. Ya hear me, God? YOU DO AS I SAY OR I WILL KICK YOUR MOTHER-EFFING ASS. No exceptions, dammit!

6. Jesus apparently is an undisciplined toddler in His "terrible two's" who is so likely to distract the driver that other people on the road must be warned. Or, using the alternative explanation for those "Baby on Board" stickers, you, the guy reading it, will drive even more carefully so as not to injure the baby, or Jesus. As opposed to pulling up next to the car at 60 mph and signaling Jesus to roll down the window so you can ask Him a favor, which is what we sure as hell would do. At least get an autograph -- do you know what you'd get for that on eBay?

5. Ah yes, the Jesus Fish. With Greek letters, to show what a scholar you are. Guess what? You're in America now. Speak English. We're sure you probably think everyone else should.

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Richard Connelly
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