The 12 Finest Trees in Texas: A Photo Tour of the State's Pretty, Historic, Beloved Live Oaks & More

Texans love their trees, whether they're being used for climbing, for getting some desperately needed August shade or as easy-to-remember landmarks for locals making plans to meet each other.

To be sure, there are some less peaceful uses of trees in Texas history: lynching, sniping, chaining people to trunks. But those ugly aberrations -- while they should never be forgotten -- should probably be blamed more on residents than on the trees.

So it's with a clear conscience that we can celebrate Texas trees. The Texas A&M Forest Service has long done so, designating a growing number of "Famous Trees of Texas." In the past 40-plus years, they've given the designation to 87 trees, 65 of which are still living.

The trees can be famous for their beauty, for their historical significance or for having a special place in the hearts of locals.

Let's look at the 12 best -- all still living. Like the one above.

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Richard Connelly
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