The 12 Most Ironic Tweets From Aaron Hernandez's Twitter Account

"We lead the world in computerized data collection!" -- Artie Bucco, The Sopranos

Before social media, before the internet, hell, before computers, there was a time where the "fingerprint" we left behind was essentially hand written documents, stories from loved ones, and yes, our actual fingerprint.

These days, though, for better or worse, there are so many other forms of remnant we leave behind when we are no longer around. (To be clear, for our purposes in this post, "no longer around" can mean "dead" or "incarcerated.") Every step we take on a computer, in a search engine, on Twitter -- they're around forever!

So when Aaron Hernandez gets sent away to prison, and we miss hearing his voice or hearing his musings, his memory endures in other non-imprisoned places.

Like Twitter!

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