The 12 Stages of Facebook Addiction

The Internet is addicting and there are studies to prove it. Once people get involved with watching videos of kids falling down, leaving overly harsh anonymous comments on news stories and reading about how Swiffer will kill your dog, well, it's just damn difficult to stop.

Social networks have no doubt increased the desire to be online. From Tweets about how many miles your friend ran today (she's so self-involved) to people you barely know on FourSquare checking in at bars you wish you were cool enough to patronize, the content is mesmerizing and let's admit it, you are hooked.

Worst of all is Facebook. Whether you are a tween posting quizzes on your friends' walls ("Would you make out with me?") or a bored retiree playing Farmville, there is something for everyone on "the book." It's hard enough to make it through all the status updates each day, let alone to visit all the pages and check out all the photos. In short, it's impossible to resist.

Hair Balls feels your pain and, in an effort to help you better understand and face your addiction, gives you the 12 stages of Facebook addiction. We promise that the first one is not, "Let go. Let Zuckerberg."

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Jeff Balke is a writer, editor, photographer, tech expert and native Houstonian. He has written for a wide range of publications and co-authored the official 50th anniversary book for the Houston Rockets.
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